Fat Dissolving Injections

Would you like to destroy fat cells permanently?

Fat dissolving treatment uses a compound medication containing a synthesised deoxycholic acid (DA) and phosphatidylcholine like that found in the digestive system.

The DA breaks down digested fats in your digestive system and when injected into fatty areas, breaks down fat cells. The body absorbs and expels of fat cells permanently. 

Once destroyed, fat cells will not regenerate. Leaving the treated area slimmer.

Treatment areas:

✔️ Double chin

✔️ Stubborn lower abdominal fat

✔️ Love handles

Book a free fat dissolving injections  consultation in our cosmetic clinic conveniently located in Ashmore and you will have the best fat dissolving injections experience in Gold Coast.

Fat dissolving injections

👉🏻 This treatment is not for everyone, thus consultation is required before the treatment.
👉🏻 1-4 treatments may be required to achieve desired results.
👉🏻 First results can be noticed in around 4-6weeks

🌸 Prices start from $350