Hayfever treatment

Botulinum toxin, which is commonly known for relaxing muscles of facial expression, is increasingly being used to treat hay fever symptoms with great success. Over the last decade, research has demonstrated that botulinum toxin is a safe and effective treatment option for hay fever sufferers in whom other therapies have failed or those patients who do not wish to take daily medication.

Botulinum toxin is applied topically in the nasal passage through the nasal spray. Thus no injection is needed. When applied, it blocks the conduction of nerve signals in the nasal passage which triggers the onset of hay fever symptoms.


Hayfever treatment

What are the benefits of botulinum toxin hay fever treatment over other hay fever treatments?

Most hay fever sufferers will take hay fever medication daily, especially during the spring and summer months when airborne grass pollen are most prevalent. Windy days can also circulate a large amount of pollen, increasing the symptoms for allergic rhinitis sufferers on those days. Botulinum toxin treatments are a great alternative, they provide long-term relief without the need to take a daily tablet and have no reported side effects.

No nose blowing, using nasal sprays and vigorous exercise for 4 hours following the treatment.

When will I see results from treatment?

The onset of results will vary from patient to patient due to severity of symptoms, the dose used and individual patient factors. Generally, we have found that patients begin to notice relief from their allergy symptoms one to two weeks following treatment.

Are the results permanent?

Results from botulinum toxin hay fever treatment are not permanent. Some patients that experience seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) only require this treatment at the beginning of the hay fever season to relieve symptoms. However, patients who experience symptoms all year round opt to have treatment every 4 to 8 weeks. Treatment frequency can vary depending on how severe your symptoms are and how severe the current hay fever season is.

No side effects have been reported after this treatment.

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