Skin Booster Injectables

Skinboosters give your skin a boost – of hydration, brightening, firmness and smoothness.

🍃Skin Booster also known as Beauty Booster – it is an injectable treatment, for rejuvenation and repair of dry, dull, affected skin. It gives almost an instant boost of hydration, brightening, firmness and smoothness.

🍃 It is a beautiful mix of hyaluronic acid and natural essential nutrients:

🌸 8 amino acids, 

🌸 3 antioxidants, 

🌸 2 minerals – Zinc & Copper

🌸 Vitamins B6.

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Skin booster

✔️ Improve skin structure, elasticity and texture

✔️ Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring

✔️ Boost collagen production for smoother, plumper skin

✔️ Hydrate skin from deep below the surface

You can treat the whole face and neck with Skin Booster, but the most popular areas are:

✔️ Under eyes also known as Tear Trough

✔️ Crows Feet

✔️ Smoker’s lines and fine lines around the mouth

Little lumps usually disappear within 24-48h after the treatment

Results vary with individuals. You will see improvement immediately after the treatment and it gets better in the next 1-2 weeks.

➡️ After 1 treatment result lasts up to 3 months

➡️ Thus it is recommended to have 2-3 treatments every 3-4weeks for the best long-lasting result. After that it can last up to 12 months.